It’s been a little quiet around here. A lot of things have happened, maybe to many given the activity here.

We are getting ready to open the DataLab. The InnovationLab have had its first workshops (and I have to build a gadget to fix a problem with one of the printers – it is going to be ugly. But it will work!)

But right now I’m waiting for someone to send me an image. Before I get that, I cant send out our annual user satisfaction survey. So – an unexpected break!

Therefore a post that would normally show up at another blog, dedicated to geeking out. But relevant here.

One of the latest trends in library marketing is the promotional video. At our library, we appear to be fond of LEGO stop-motion animations. But “my” library is a small one, and we are frequently left out of the videos. For good reasons, but still, something must be done!

It is time consuming to produce a stop-motion video. And its been done. Instead we should do something that has’nt been done before. But it should be cool. Enter the music video for AHAs hit Take On Me. It used a technique called rotoscoping, to mix ordinary imagery with sequences that appear to have been drawn in hand.

How to do that?

  1. Download ImageMagick
  2. Make an ordinary video
  3. Download IrfanView
  4. Split the video into individual frames, using IrfanView
  5. Process the frames with ImageMagick – edgedetect and negate are the filters we’re going to use her
  6. Splice all the frames together again to a video

Simple. Allthough it does require a lot of time. But first of all – sell the idea, and make a storyboard.