Tid til en ny nedtælling

Der har været nogen optællinger. Nu tæller vi ned. Der sker noget glædeligt. Noget er slut. Sådan ca. pr. midnat nytårsaften. Det sker noget andet. Det er ikke sikkert at det er bedre. Men dog er det en glædelig begivenhed.


Stress. Depression. Help.

Just a simple point:

If you get stressed to the point of spending time in the restroom crying, get help. Please. And do it now. Not a year after your call for help was ignored. Now. Right now.

Severe stress can lead to depressions. Stress in itself can be crippling. Depression is even worse.

Learn to recognize the signs. Not just in yourself. Also in your colleagues. If you are a manager it might be a good idea to learn about them as well.

And remember, it is not your fault that you get a stress induced depression. You may be expected to take the blame for being stressed. You may be expected to keep soldiering on until you break.

But no one is ever going to thank you for it.