My biggest weakness?

This probably sounds like humble bragging. But I have recently – again – reailized that my biggest weakness is that I take responsibility.

Hey! How is that a weakness?

Well… It becomes a weakness when you continually take responsibility for stuff that is really not your responsibilty. To the extent that you get stress, hypertension and ulcers. And to the extent that it impacts negatively on the things that actually are your responsibility.

And I have just done it again. The ad for a meeting in the local party is not very readable. That is not my responsibility. It belongs to the chairman. Not me. I should simply notify him that it is not very readable. And trust that he will do something about it. Instead I am thinking about remaking it myself. It would not be very difficult. But I do get stressed. If I have to redesign the ad, I wont have time to cook dinner tonight. And clean the house.

This is something that I really have to get better at handling. Otherwise I’ll be a very responsible person, doing great things for people and organizations around me. While burning out very fast.