R and interruptions

For some interesting reasons, I’m learning Python and R. I’m done with the Codecademy introduction course in Python – and still lacking about 9000 hours of experience.

At the moment I’m doing the R introduction course from Datacamp. Not as good a course as the Codecademy, but good enough.

When I was much younger, and studying at the Technical University of Denmark, this would have been af three-week course, with an estimated workload of 140 hours (yep, we studied for almost 47 hours every week). Now, I have a lot more experience, and should be able to do it faster. On the other hand, I do not have 47 uninterrupted hours to set aside each week. More like 4. And they will be interrupted. At least twice every hour.

A post on DJØF-bladets homepage (in danish) tells of swedish research, revealing that when you are in flow, that is, when you are working at optimum efficiency, it will take 25 minutes to recover from an interruption.

A qualified guess is, that at the current level of interruptions, this three-week course, is converted to an 84 week course.