Alright, for the next several weeks, I’ll be taking a break for R, data-analysis, visualizations and other stuff on this blog.

This will be my StarLog.

I’ve joined a course on EdX: “Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology”, and this is my homework 🙂

First job is to introduce myself, and what brought me to this course.

My name is Christian Knudsen, I am 44 years old. And I did not grow up with Star Trek. Actually I was a bit dismissive of trekkies. Such geeks! I had watched a few episodes of TNG on danish television, and had a bit of a crush on Wesley. But never more than that. About 14 years ago, I embraced my inner trekkie. A complete season of DS9 was on sale. I don’t remember which, but I bought it. Watched it. And was hooked. I acquired the complete collection, and watched it all. I watched it in order. I watched it in order with my husband again. And currently we are watching it in StarDate order. We have been to cons. The priest referenced Star Trek at our wedding. There is a Star Trek quote inscribed in our rings.

To me, Star Trek is the promise of a bright future. The promise, that humanity has a chance. That we will, somehow, overcome our problems. Like all good science fiction, it tackles current issues, and provoces thought. Living in a liberal, social-democratic country in northern Europe, it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly why a controversial subject is that controversial. The progressive themes are not necessarily viewed as that progressive in a Danish context. That also gives an interesting perspective on an american culture, that can appear very alien to outsiders.

And that was the way I got here. The final ingredient was a link on a danish Star Trek group on Facebook!

And with that, I earned my promotion to CWO!