Visualising Twitter activity – a work i progress part X – finally, graphs!

It took a long time. I’ve actually been ready for a couple of days, but theres a cold on its way, and I gave a presentation on the history of e-bookreaders earlier today. But now I’m ready!

Wordclouds will have to wait – I’m simply not a good enough javascript programmer. And the live-updating tweetcount  have the same problem. But besides that:

The 10 most prolific tweeters:

The number of tweets as a function of time:

The number of tweets pr language (ISO-codes, sorry)

The number of tweets pr location (ISO-codes, sorry)

Note – more than one chart on the same page, might interfere. Function names has to be different.

Whats next? There were a lot of things to finetune in some of the previous posts. I would really like to make a wordcloud. But right now: Terminate the python script. Clean the spreadsheet. Add the right hashtag to the script. Rerun. Wait.